Roads to funding

PIE presents an overview of funding sources for education and research programmes with Southern partners.

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Bio-based solutions for humanitarian applications

Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON) Deadline: Tuesday 28th of March, 2023 Successful proposals will contribute to Destination ‘Circular economy and bioeconomy sectors’ impacts, including: i) accelerating transitions towards a sustainable, regenerative,...

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R&I cooperation with Sub-Saharan Africa

Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON) Deadline: Wednesday 29th of March, 2023 ExpectedOutcome: Stimulate R&I cooperation between Sub-Saharan Africa and the EU in the field of digital. Strengthen strategic partnerships and support digital dialogues with...

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Needs-based adaptation to climate change in Africa

Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON) Deadline: Tuesday 18th of April, 2023 Project results are expected to contribute to all of the following expected outcomes: Accelerated deployment of climate services to build climate resilience. Better informed climate...

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EU-African Union cooperation – linking the activities of the Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA) partnership and those of the Pan-African Network for Economic Analysis of Policies (PANAP)

Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON) Deadline: Wednesday 12th of April, 2023 In line with the European Green Deal priorities and in particular the farm to fork strategy, and in support of the African Free Trade Area, the successful proposal will contribute to...

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Merian Fund

Within the Merian Fund, coherent interdisciplinary programmes are developed together with the partner countries. Research projects in these programmes jointly contribute to solutions as well as realising the SDGs. The coherency between projects generates synergy and counteracts the fragmented deployment of resources.

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