Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON); Water4All

At the beginning of each challenge, FRANCIS will launch a call for Frugal Innovation ideas. The project expects about 250 citizens from the four target countries to register for participation in this call. Citizens can either register as a so-called “Driver” that develops an idea (alone or together with teammates) or as a so-called “Enabler” that supports the development of ideas by assisting in requirements analysis and feedback provision.
The first phase, and first call, will end with the identification of 12 to 20 Frugal Innovation ideas (and teams). The Drivers will now have a fixed period of time to develop their ideas into concepts, supported by a grant. FRANCIS will then launch a second call for the second phase that is limited to the first call winners. The second phase, and second call, will end with the selection of four to five of concepts that will receive a grant. The Drivers of these concepts, i.e. the grant recipients, will have a fixed time period to further detail their concepts and design a simple demonstrator. All concepts and demonstrators will be presented at an official event (award ceremony). The industry partner mentoring the challenge may take up one or several of the concepts and develop them further into marketable products.
The scope of the second challenge round will be the application area of solar disinfection for water treatment, food and personal care. Target groups are minimalistic consumers, low-/middle-income households in (semi-)rural areas, people in refugee camps and micro-entrepreneurs. Target market countries are Turkey, Germany, India, Bangladesh and Uganda.
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