Roads to funding

PIE presents an overview of funding sources for education and research programmes with Southern partners.

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NWO & São Paulo Research Foundation

This call addresses interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research with the aim of finding context-specific solutions that work or have the potential to work in particular settings, in order to draw generalised lessons for settings elsewhere. Taking into account all the competing demands, the solutions should focus on sustainable landscape use that combines a range of functions and demands. This will require a multi‐level (i.e. field/farm; landscape; national level) and multi‐ and transdisciplinary approach in order to arrive at such comprehensive solutions. Part of the project should be an in‐depth case study analysis that results in the development of transferable lessons.

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Merian Fund

Within the Merian Fund, coherent interdisciplinary programmes are developed together with the partner countries. Research projects in these programmes jointly contribute to solutions as well as realising the SDGs. The coherency between projects generates synergy and counteracts the fragmented deployment of resources.

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Young Expert Programmes – Energy (YEP Energy)

The main goal of the programmes is to offer young Dutch professionals the opportunity to gain experience abroad and to offer young local professionals the opportunity to gain experience with working in an international environment through Dutch organisations. Additionally, YEP Programmes rejuvenates the Dutch international cooperation sector and provides organisations with highly skilled young professionals.

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Partnering for Green Growth (P4G)

P4G brings businesses, government and civil society organisations together in public-private partnerships that speed up green growth. The P4G initiative aims to advance breakthrough solutions that help meet humanity’s greatest needs.

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Climate Investor 2

Water, oceans and sanitation sub-sectors, including: Municipal and industrial water and wastewater supply, Desalination, Bulk water supply, Waste and wastewater to energy, Riverine and coastal ecosystem management and protection

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Climate Investor 1

Climate Investor 1 (CI1) employs a mix of public and private-sector funding as well as commitments from development finance institutions (DFIs) whilst making use of an export credit agency (ECA) guarantee, all in mutually beneficial and complementary ways.

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Sudden Opportunity grant

Creating flexibility to undertake collective action to address specific unanticipated opportunities. This could be influencing policy or dealing with a threatened reduction of civic space.

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Innovate and Learn grant

For groups and organisations to test and scale new approaches with a focus on human-centered innovations that are very context-specific.

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Influencing grant

Targeting organisations and networks to strengthen their lobby and advocacy capacities and amplify the voice of marginalised and discriminated groups.

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Anton Jurgens fund

AJF focusses on the creation of income for families in rural areas, within the context of Agricultural Development. The fund believes in the value of community building (women’s groups, associations, cooperatives, unions) and in chain integration, in which the farmer participates as much as possible in the creation of value, accrued in all stages of the agricultural chain, from production to consumption.

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The Turing Foundation

The Turing Foundation strives to offer children and young people in developing countries the kind of education that can help them structurally, encourage their independence and autonomy, and make them better able to contribute to their communities.

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Empowerment grant

Targeting (informal) groups or organisations to raise awareness,
develop transformative leadership, build confidence and skills and
work against stigmatisation of marginalised and discriminated groups.

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