ADM-LAB: Livings Labs for Adaptive Delta Management in Bangladesh



Deadline: October 1st, 2024 (phase I) & September 2nd, 2025 (phase II)

Grant: €950,000 (phase I) and €970,000 (phase II)

The Netherlands and Bangladesh, as densely populated delta countries, are susceptible to the effects of climate change. Effective natural resource management is crucial for inclusive development, prosperity, food security, and climate-resilient infrastructure. This programme contributes to sustainable and knowledgeinformed policy on adaptive delta management (ADM) and its implementation under the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.


The ADM-LAB programme aims to enhance sustainable and knowledge-informed policies on Adaptive Delta Management (ADM) in Bangladesh under the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP2100). It seeks to secure past knowledge, integrate further knowledge development, and accelerate ADM implementation in both Bangladesh and the Netherlands. The programme focuses on delivering insights for policy and practitioners, creating an effective interface for knowledge interactions, and addressing challenges in ADM implementation. Furthermore, it emphasizes capacity building, interdisciplinary collaboration, and ownership in Bangladesh for effective ADM implementation.

Who can apply

Applications in Phase I are submitted by at least one main applicant, a co-applicant, a collaboration partner and optional co-funders. Only persons working at a Bangladeshi university or research organisation based in Bangladesh can act as main applicant. Co-applicants play an active role in the project and each application must include at least one co-applicant based in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Organizational eligibility is assessed beforehand. Cooperation partners are crucial for knowledge sharing but cannot request funding for personnel or research costs. Letters of commitment are required from cooperation partners.

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