Europiean Social Fund (ESF) +

Deadline: March 14th, 2024

Grant: €3,000,000.00

Expected Outcome

The expected result is the cooperation between public and / or private entities of any type with the aim to ease access to finance for social entrepreneurs and to develop the investment readiness of social enterprises to ensure social enterprises are able to take on repayable finance.


The objective is to contribute to the development of feasible, suitable and reliable schemes or funds providing finance to social enterprises as well as support structures providing business development services and networking facilities to improve social enterprises’ investment readiness. The objective of the call is also to identify, develop, promote and disseminate good practices in supporting social enterprises in accessing finance.Social enterprises are instrumental in the implementation of many of the European Pillar of Social Rights principles. In particular they play a key role in delivering the following European Pillar of Social Rights (‘EPSR’) principles: 3. Equal opportunities, 4. Active support to employment, 5. Secure and adaptable employment, 11. Childcare and support to children, 17. Inclusion of people with disabilities, 18. Long-term care and 20. Access to essential services.

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