Marianne van Dorp


Marianne van Dorp works for Wageningen University & Research. She is a Management Team-member of the Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), active in capacity development and advisory services in Agriculture and Life Sciences.

In her current capacity, one of Marianne van Dorp’s tasks is to oversee the CDI professional courses programme for mid-career professionals. Around 850 international course participants, most of them from Africa and Asia and many of them with NFP fellowships, attend the over 30 CDI courses every year. Marianne van Dorp is also responsible for collaboration with a number of Institutes for Higher Education in various countries in Africa and Asia (including NICHE programmes).

Marianne van Dorp has a background in Food and Nutrition Security, and worked as a Senior Food and Nutrition Security Expert and Programme Coordinator at CDI since 1997. Her responsibilities included policy and strategy advice on food and nutrition security; programme and project advise on linking agriculture, food security and nutrition; (advise on) formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of integrated programmes in food and nutrition security; advise on organisational learning and organisational change related to food and nutrition security; M&E and impact assessment in food and nutrition security; capacity development and professional training programmes in food and nutrition security. She has worked for national and international organisations for agricultural research, NGOs, UN organisations (among others FAO and UNICEF), the Netherlands Government, including several Embassies.

As a PIE Board member she would represent Wageningen University & Research as an institute implementing international education in Agriculture and Life Sciences at the MSc-, PhD- and professional levels.