Jeroen Ouburg

Jeroen Ouburg is a senior international advisor for the department of Corporate Strategy & Accounts of Wageningen University & Research. In this role, he focuses on international collaboration in the field of education and with funding organizations around the world.

Developing new relations with international universities, enhancing existing relations and developing university-wide international networks like the Euroleague for Life Sciences network and the Bio-Economy University Alliance. Next to this he is developing relations with international funding organizations and working on creating synergies between national and international funding organizations. As an example, Jeroen is involved in the Orange Knowledge Programme and its predecessors for more than a decade and is a member of the OKP Sounding Board in these capacities he co-organized different activities to explore the possibilities for co-funding in the OKP programme.

On a national level, he is a Member of the Internationalization Platform of the Association of Universities of the Netherlands.