Claire Hallewas


Claire Hallewas is the Programme Lead of TU Delft | Global Initiative, the platform for science & technology for global development at TU Delft. Before she joined TU Delft in 2013, she lived and worked for several years in Jakarta, Indonesia, and in Brussels, Belgium, where she was involved in various projects in development cooperation. Claire now combines her experience in the field with her expertise in strategic development, positioning and fundraising.
She and her team actively support researchers and students working on solutions that contribute to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia and always in co-creation with local partners.

Claire is very much interested in connecting educational activities more and more with research activities in the field of global development. Therefore TU Delft | Global Initiative recently founded its own Student Club. Within the Dutch NWA route 23 she is also active in setting up a Dutch PhD programme for talented African Masters of Science & Arts, to create a network, learn together and push SDG’s forward in Low and Middle Income Countries.