Merian Fund



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FAPESP (Brazil), NSFC and CAS (China), DST and DBT (India), RISTEKBRIN (Indonesia) and NRF (South Africa)


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Within the Merian Fund, coherent interdisciplinary programmes are developed together with the partner countries. Research projects in these programmes jointly contribute to solutions as well as realising the SDGs. The coherency between projects generates synergy and counteracts the fragmented deployment of resources.


The collaboration is characterised by:

• an impact-focused approach towards broad societal themes;

• a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and national agendas such as the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) and the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC);

• collaboration in broadly composed consortia with societal parties;- an interdisciplinary approach;

• coherent programming with synergy between projects.



  • Total: €10.500.000,-
  • Maximum: €1.500.000,-

Within the Merian Fund, a maximum of seven calls will be published each year, and for each call, NWO will make a maximum of 1.5 million euros available. The frequency and size of the programmes depend on the availability of funds at NWO and at the partner organisations.


Geographic focus:

  • Africa: South Africa
  • Asia: China, India, Indonesia
  • Americas: Brazil



Different for each call.

Not applicable. Calls for proposals will be published on website and hold separate deadlines.

You submit your application through ISAAC, NWO’s online application system. Only the main applicant can submit an application. You’ll need an account for this, which you can create yourself. We advise you to start submitting your application at least one day before the deadline. The reason for this is that you will need to enter information online as well. If NWO receives a large number of applications, NWO may decide to hold a pre-selection. This may occur if the total amount of the grant applications is four times the total available budget. In the event of a pre-selection, the selection committee will make an overall assessment of the applications based on the assessment criteria that apply to the round in question. The committee will give you the opportunity to submit a rebuttal, after which it will advise NWO to reject the less promising applications.

Usually requires joint application of scientists from a Dutch research institute and a partner research institute (consortium), including specified requirements regarding the make-up of the research team(s).
The fund emphasises collaboration between the Dutch institution and the partner institution, contributions do not have to be similar (e.g. in terms of financial/material contribution) but do have to be equal.
Not applicable.


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