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Capacity building


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Initiated by: 

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Funded by:

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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Targeting organisations and networks to strengthen their lobby and advocacy capacities and amplify the voice of marginalised and discriminated groups.



  • Country-specific: 25000-200000eu
  • Multi-country: up to 500000eu


Geographic focus:

  • Africas: Uganda, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania
  • Asias: Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines



Minimum of 18 months – Maximum of 36 months

Not applicable. Calls for proposals will be published on website and hold separate deadlines.
Eligibility test per open call for proposal:

General eligibility:

– For global multi-country and national Calls, one of the eligibility criteria for the lead applicant is a maximum turnover of Euro 2 million a year. This applies to the whole of the organisation (in case of an international NGO) and not just the country operations.

– When applying for a grant, organisations can partner with other organisations to form a consortium. One of the consortium members will have to take the lead in the application and will be referred to as the lead applicant or lead party. There is no limit in the number of organisations that would form a consortium, but an income restriction applies.

– As we encourage applications from consortia and networks, obviously Voice allows onward or sub-granting and sub-contracting provided that the partners are known and included in the proposal and budget. However, we do NOT allow a Voice grantee issuing a Call for Proposals to identify a partner(s) once a grant has been awarded.

A government agency is not eligible to receive funds from Voice. The applicant (and all consortium members) must by non-governmental organisations.


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