Climate Investor 2

Capacity building


Supported by: 

Climate Fund Managers


Initiated by: 

Climate Fund Managers


Funded by:

Dutch Government – Dutch Fund for Climate and Development


Information about fund: 

Water, oceans and sanitation sub-sectors, including:

  • Municipal and industrial water and wastewater supply
  • Desalination
  • Bulk water supply
  • Waste and wastewater to energy
  • Riverine and coastal ecosystem management and protection



  • Development funding of up to 50% of development costs
  • Technical, financial, and environmental and social governance support
  • Equity financing of up to 75% of construction costs
  • Financing of up to 50% of post-construction debt


Geographic focus:

Africa, Latin America, Asia (located in a low, lower-middle or upper-middle income country)



Not specified.

Not applicable. There is an open application portal, where proposals can be submitted.
– The project sponsor or developer also has access to a minimum of 25% of its own equity contribution towards construction costs

– Minimum ticket size of USD 10 million (+/- €800.000,-)  

Not applicable.
Not applicable.


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