Climate Investor 1

Capacity building


Supported by: 

Climate Fund Managers


Initiated by: 

Climate Fund Managers


Funded by:

European Union


Information about fund: 

Climate Investor 1 (CI1) employs a mix of public and private-sector funding as well as commitments from development finance institutions (DFIs) whilst making use of an export credit agency (ECA) guarantee, all in mutually beneficial and complementary ways.


Renewable energy with a technological focus on:

  • Onshore and near-shore wind
  • Solar PV
  • Run-of-river Hydro.



  • Development funding of up to 50% of development costs
  • Technical, financial, and environmental and social governance support
  • Equity financing of up to 75% of construction costs
  • Financing of up to 50% of post-construction debt


Geographic focus:

Africa, Latin America, Asia (located in a low, lower-middle or upper-middle income country)



Not specified.

Not applicable. There is an open application portal, where proposals can be submitted.
– The project sponsor or developer also has access to a minimum of 25% of its own equity contribution towards construction costs

– Minimum ticket size of USD 10 million (+/- €800.000,-)  

Not applicable.
Not applicable.


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