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Successful alumni

Higher education institutes in the Netherlands have educated many successful alumni during the last 60 years. Many alumni have benefitted from the Netherlands Fellowship Programme via Nuffic.

Channu Pattaneshetti (India)

Nearly three years after Channu Pattanashetti from Dharwed, Karnataka completed the 'Practical Management in Horticulture' programme, he is running a successful horticultural and consulting business from his home town. "At PTC+ I laid the foundation for the company I now have," he says. Read more


Ruth Miclat-Sonaco (Philippines)

Alumna now director of training centre in the Philippines. "I had already graduated as a veterinarian but because on my return I possessed the most current knowledge and insights the Netherlands had to offer, I was able to add more weight back home. The Netherlands is certainly one of the leading countries in the field of animal husbandary" said Ruth Miclat-Sonaco, Director of the International Training Centre on Pig Husbandry (ITCPH) in Lipa City in the Philippines. Read more

Siti Nubaya Bakar (Indonesia)

In October 2014 Mrs Siti Nubaya Bakar, alumna of University of Twente/ITC, was appointed as Minister of Environment and Forestry by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. She obtained her master's degree at the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) of the University of Twente in 1988. She was Secretary-General at the Ministry of Home Affairs in Indonesia and subsequently Secretary-General of the General House of Regional Respresentatives. Read more


Wilber Ottichillo (Kenya)

Wilber Ottichillo is member of parliament for the Emuhaya Constituency in Kenya and an alumnus from University of Twente/ITC. Ottichillo first arrived in Enschede at ITC in 1981, attending a course in Remote Sensing Techniques and Application. "I came as a village boy and went back as a global citizen. In Enschede, I met people from all over the world, who were facing similar challenges. Problems that looked complex and unsolvable suddenly changed into challenges that we were able to handle adequeately." In 2000, he received his PhD at the departement of Natural Resources. Read more

Jane Bemigisha (Uganda)

Dr Jane Bemigisha is the Executive Director of ESIPPS International Ltd. She holds a PhD from C.T. de Wit Graduate School PE&RC, Wageningen University and the International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth observation (ITC) in the Netherlands. Dr Bemigisha contributes to national, regional and international programmes as member Nature Uganda, Coordinator Africa Chapter of International Association of Landscape Ecologists, member expert group on the development of the African Strategy of Climate Change, Founder and Chair of Gender and Climate Change in African Agriculture. Read more

Seifeldin Hamad Abdallah (Sudan)

Having completed his course of study in Hydraulic Engineering at IHE in 1983, Prof Seifeldin continued his studies to PhD level at various international organizations. In Sudan he was appointed Minister of Water Resources and currently he is the Chairman of the Water Resources Technical Organ of the Government of Sudan. During his alumni award acceptance speech, Seifeldin reflected that being a Nuffic supported student UNESCO-IHE, had been a "landmark in my life". "The Institute had a special impact in my life... but not only on me and my career but in addition, to my country and on the region at large". Read more

Ali Reza Daemi (Iran)

UNESCO-IHE alumnus Mr Deami is deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Energy in Iran. During his visit in Delft: "I really appreciate being back here after studying Hydraulic Engineering at IHE from 1997 to 1999. It is really nice to see what is happening here, and what is new. I try to follow UNESCO-IHE via the internet, for me it's really interesting to follow the lecturers and professors who taught me at the time". Read more

Jackline Lang'at (Kenya)

Jackline Lang'at, alumna for Wageningen University, is with her enterprise, Green Road Ltd, the newest of 20 winners of the UNEP SEED awards, which honours and guides social and environmental micro, small and medium sized enterprises. Lang'at founded her company in 2015, after leaving her dream job in the city. A lecturer in Wageningen had told his students to think back to their country and what they would like to change there, and approach the problem laterally. She combined poverty, pollution and bad roads and started researching her project.She used waste plastic to pave roads or make 'cabro' paving blocks for car park surfacing and started her own company. Read more

Sharon Kapambwe (Zambia)

Sharon Kapambwe from Zambia, MPH, background medical doctor, alumnus of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) is currently working as director of the National Cancer Prevention Centre. "Studying at KIT helped me to have a critical mind and to really think out of the box. I work now for the National Cancer Prevention Centre in Zambia. We have screened close to 200,000 women in the cervical cancer programme which has never happened before in this country. Though the incidence and mortality rates are still high there has been massive awareness on the disease. We have also managed to have international recognition on the programme and have trained people form 11 other African countries. I could not have succeed in all that without the training in public health at KIT. Read more

Public Health alumni KIT

Public Health Masters students of the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam (KIT) share their experience. Watch the video




Joseph Sam Sesay (Sierra Leone)

Dr Joseph Sam Sesay is Minister of Agriculture, Forestry & Food Security of Sierra Leone, since October 2007. He is also Chairman, FAO Committee on Agriculture in Rome, Italy since 2014. In 1995 he participated in the Post Graduate Diploma programme Rural Policy and Project Planning at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University. Read more


short NFP documentaries

Making Knowledge Work is a series of short documentaries, which show the results of the NFP capacity development programme for developing countries financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Sibongile Ndaba Zambia

Ndaba studied in Den Haag to obtain her Master in Development Studies at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus Universtity. According to her its an honour to study at ISS. "ISS has a good reputation in Zambia". Read more (in Dutch).