Platform for International Education

Past activities

The most important past activities of PIE are as follows







  • 9 March:  NWA workshop on SDG's Route, registration via NWO
  • 29 November:  General meeting PIE (ALV) + Consultation by ACE EUROPE Evaluation team NFP & NICHE








  • 7 June: Seminar on EU programmes on international cooperation and education.


  • 6 December: Toolkit for sustainable impact: Seminar on practical solutions to increase sustainability in NICHE projects (PIE & NUFFIC)


  • 15 September: PIE Session (4.02) at EAIE conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Academic cooperation with developing countries and the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)


  • 14 June: Seminar on EU Programmes on Higher Education and Research with non-EU countries


  • 1 April: Debate with Peter van Lieshout on WRR report "Minder pretentie, meer ambitie" and Doekle Terpstra (HBO-raad), Adam Szirmai (UNU-MERIT/Maastricht University), Isa Baud (University of Amsterdam), Bram van Ojik (Ministry of Foreign Affairs/DSO) and Henk Molenaar (NWO/Wotro). Location: conference centre Hoog Brabant, Utrecht.


  • 18 November: Seminar on Erasmus Mundus programme (EU) at ITC in Enschede.


  • 26 June: International PIE seminar on Capacity Development and HRM; a follow up of the 1st seminar in January 2009.


  • 21 January: Seminar on Capacity Development and Human Resources Management.


  • 6 March: Seminar on cooperation in education, research and capacity building with non-EU countries in Brussels in cooperation with Netherlands.


  • 10-12 September: EAIE Conference in Antwerp: PIE will organise a session and workshop on capacity building programmes in combination with exchange programmes North-South.



  • 12 April: Workshop with Ministry of Foreign Affairs/DCO and Ecorys on the evaluation of the NFP & NPT programmes.


  • 10 May: Annual Meeting with PIE members in combination with discussion on the evaluation of the NFP & NPT programmes with the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/DCO and Ecorys.


  • 10 July: Meeting with Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Higher Education umbrella organisations to discuss the code of conduct for recruitment of foreign students.


  • 1 November: DCO consults PIE, VSNU, SAIL, HBO-raad, and various Ministries about ideas for renewed programmes of NFP & NPT


  • 7 November: PIE workshop with its members on NFP & NPT.


  • 6 December: Annual Meeting with PIE members in combination with presentation and discussion with Henk Molenaar, Executive Director WOTRO on research and capacity building


  • 21 September: Brainstorm session with representatives from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and PIE members on “Ideal Programmes for Capacity Building, Human Resources Management and Research”.


  • PIE vision papers on Capacity Building Programmes and Fellowship Programmes


  • 21 April: Seminar “Good Practices, Good Programmes” with 60 participants from Dutch Institutes for Higher Education and two experts from the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and ICCO. A PIE paper as a result of the seminar on Good Practices, Good Programmes was submitted to the Nuffic Conference “A Changing Landscape” on 23-24 May in Den Haag.
  • 10 November: Seminar “Bologna & Development” for PIE members, with contributions from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and from the University of Bergen, Norway.


  • 6 April: PIE becomes an official Association, with a legal status. The Co-Chairs of PIE, Ms Lem van Eupen and Mr Paul Althuis have signed the articles of the association at the notary’s office of Westvest Notarissen in Delft.
  • 14 April: Seminar in cooperation with DGIS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ahold and Gasunie: “Matching of Higher Education and Private Sector in Development Cooperation”.