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Could Covid-19 improve North-South Collaboration?

Han Aarts, former PIE chair published an article in University World News on the positive side effects of the pandemic to North-South Collaboration. Read more



Alumni from Wageningen and IHE Delft make a difference in Iraq

The Dutch Ambassador in Iraq emphasizes in an interview with a Dutch newspaper the importance of alumni educated in the Netherlands. Especially the many alumni for Wageningen University and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education are mentioned. Read the article (in Dutch)


22 April PIE webinar Crucial elements for future proof education & research partnerships with the Global South

PIE is organising an online seminar on 22 April 2021 on Crucial elements for future proof education & research partnerships with the Global South. The purpose is to discuss elements that are crucial for sustainable cooperation with the Global South in the field of higher education & research, presenting a do’s & don’ts list to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Programma and registration


Happy 2021 with inspiring partnerships

PIE wishes everyone in the world happy holidays and a new year with inspiring partnerships. PIE is preparing for the Dutch elections in March 2021, is involved in political debates and will be working on continuation of successful programmes for higher education and international cooperation especially with the global south.


Covid-19 challenges international students & lecturers

With the current Corona virus, all educational establishments have been suspended face-to-face classes. International students and lecturers in the Netherlands are adapting quickly by transferring everything online. Read how students are coping with the challenges and how universities are adapting. IHE Delft shows how the transfer to distance teaching was realised.

Great need new programme worldwide knowledge cooperation

PIE advocates a successor of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) development relevant education, knowledge, skills and networks in both the global South and in the Netherlands. Soon OKP will end and a future-proof successor is needed.

  Read more (in Dutch)


William Sanchez Board Member PIE

PIE members welcomed William Sanchez to the PIE Board during the General Meeting on 20 May. William represents Saxion University of Applied Sciences. He brings lots of experience in institutional cooperation projects in higher education in many parts of the world.



Farewell Board Members

Han Aarts, Wieke Blaauw and Tjallie Botden got farewell flowers during the PIE General Meeting on 10 December 2019. Han was Co-Chair for 6 years and is one of the founding members of PIE. He has been very active since the start of PIE in 2002. Wieke served two terms of 3 years as Board Member and brought lots of expertise with respect to students affairs & scholarship programmes. Tjallie completed one term representing the Universities of Applied Sciences and especially the agricultural sector. They will all stay active in the field of Higher Education and Global Development.

PIE Seminar SDGs in Capacity Building: making it real 13 June 2019

PIE organises a seminar on SDGs at Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) on 13 June 2019. We will discuss the challenges and dilemmas of operationalising the SDG principles in the face of complex contexts, inequalities and bureaucratic frames in which we work and share inspiring ideas and practical experiences.

More information and results


Successful Masterclass Storytelling by RNTC

The Masterclass on ‘Using storytelling in interviews’, organised by Radio Netherlands Training Center (RNTC) on 16 April 2019 at the studios of RNW was a great success. Under the guidance of Brandon Oelofse the basics of story telling were introduced to PIE project managers followed by a practical exercise of making a podcast. Photos tell more than words..


Newest PIE member: Utrecht University

PIE welcomes Utrecht University again as member of our platform.





Radboud University new PIE member

PIE is very happy to announce that Radboud University Nijmegen has decided to become PIE member after several years of absence in our platform.




PIE vision 2018

In June 2018 the PIE Board finalised its Postion Paper for the coming years.




Seminar on Student Recruitment and Capacity Development in S&SE Asia

On 25 September 2018 PIE and DHENIM organised the Seminar on Student Recruitment and Capacity Development in South and Southeast Asia in Utrecht. The results of the seminar are published in a brochure, photos and on the PIE YouTube channel.

Mishka Stuip new Board Member PIE

During the PIE General Meeting on 11 December 2018 Ms Mishka Stuip has been appointed Board Member for 3 years. Mishka represents IHE Delft. As Liaison Officer she provides pre-award services and project management advice within the organization of IHE.


Second new Board Member: Tom Loran

Tom Loran (University of Twente/ITC) was the second new Board Member to be installed at the PIE General Meeting in December 2018. He replaces Freek van der Meer, who represented ITC for three years in the PIE Board. PIE is very grateful for Freek's input and humour during meetings with among others the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nuffic, VSNU and during networking events organised by PIE.


New policy papers

In May and June 2018 several policy papers were issued in the Netherlands, which will have an impact on international (development) cooperation in post-secondary education, research, knowledge development and innovation. It concerns papers of the Ministry of foreign trade and development cooperation, the ministry for Education, Culture and Science and VSNU & VH. Read more and links to the papers


PIE – DHENIM Seminar on Student Recruitment and Capacity Development in South & Southeast Asia POSTPONED TO 25 SEPTEMBER 2018

South and Southeast Asia (S&SEA) is one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse areas. With numerous ongoing research and capacity development projects and over 5000 registered students in 2018, Dutch education institutes have long lasting relations in this region. This seminar, organized by PIE and Dhenim aims to connect staff of Dutch Higher Education Institutes in the field of student recruitment and capacity development in S&SE Asia. More info click here

Wicked Problem: Sustainable Partnerships

How to achieve sustainable partnerships for capacity development in education? On 26 October the Platform for International Education (PIE), Nuffic and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality organised a Wicked Problems Plaza to address this issue. Together with 20 participants from the education sector, NGOs and the private sector we discussed the success rate of the current approaches as well as the challenges we face in building sustainable partnerships, and shared our ideas on how to improve. More info on the results

New board member: Henk v.d. Heuvel

Henk v.d. Heuvel is the second board member that has been elected on 28 November during the PIE General Meeting. He is the acting Director of the Centre for International Cooperation at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Henk replaces Jennifer Kockx, who has been the PIE Co-Chair in 2017.


Hans Maltha new Treasurer

During the PIE general meeting on 28 November 2017, Hans Maltha (CINOP) has been elected as the new PIE Treasurer. He replaces Joost Teuben, who left the Board.



PIE Co-Chairs sign SDG Charter

On 27 June 2017, Han Aarts and Jennifer Kockx, Co-Chairs of PIE signed the SDG Charter. The Dutch SDG Charter Foundation (SDG Charter) aims to contribute to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals by creating the enabling environment for joint and coordinated action of multiple stakeholders. The SDG Charter is a platform with over 100 signatories from the private sector, NGOs, knowledge institutes, (local) government, philanthropy and the financial sector, who want to work together on the Sustainable Development Goals. The Foundation will facilitate these partnerships. For more information:


World Development Report 2017

On Wednesday 15th February at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Edouard al-Dahdah, senior public sector specialist at the World Bank presented the 2017 World Development Report on Governance and the Law, accompanied by reflections by Mrs. Engelshoven (vice mayor, The Hague), Mr. Heemskerk (Netherlands Executive Director of the Board of the World Bank Group) and Mr Rebergen (Director General International Cooperation). Read the summary of this report.


Global Development Working Group EARMA

PIE calls your attention to a Global Development Working Group of EARMA with ao TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Utrecht University. EARMA represents the community of Research Managers and Administrators (RM&As) in Europe. The members work in industry, academia, the public and private sectors. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Agenda 2030) are an important guiding principle for the WG. Although the SGDs concern global ambitions, the WG limits its focus on low- and middle-income countries.

Knowledge Platforms: Gold Standard

The Dutch Knowledge Platforms are said to "have gold in their hands". A recently concluded learning review provides insight into the achievements and added value of the five Knowledge Platforms since their kick-off three years ago. Read the report


Co-Chair PIE speaks about Global Challenges

Jennifer Kockx, Co-Chair PIE and Minister Lillian Ploumen addressed the audience at the conference "Tackle global challenges and seize opportunities" on 15 February 2017. Jennifer proposed to to change from aid to trade into AID TO CO-CREATE! Read more


Joost Teuben new PIE Treasurer

The PIE Board has chosen Joost Teuben (CINOP) as the new Treasurer as of February 2017. Joost succeeds Klaartje van Genugten of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.



Hanze UAS PIE member in 2017

Hanze University of Applied Science is the newest PIE member. The Hanze Centre for Development Cooperation (HCDC) shares the responsibility for education and projects in developing countries with the Hanze University’s students and staff.


Farewell Erwin Ploeger & 3 new Board Members

During the PIE General Meeting on 29 November 2016, Erwin Ploeger, Co-Chair of PIE terminated his 6 year service in the PIE Board. At the same time elections were organised for 3 new Board members. Erik Frederiks and Marina de Bie left earlier this year. Jennifer Kockx (TU Delft), Tjallie Botden (Van Hall Larenstein) and Marianne van Dorp (WUR) were elected to the Board for the next 3 years.


Medal of Merit for Koen & Siep

On 7 December 2016 Koen Yap (EP-Nuffic) and Siep Littooij (Saxion UAS) receveid the Medal of Merit for contribution to education in Vietnam. Mr Nguyen Tien Dzung, Senior Officer at the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam and the Vietnamese Embassy in The Hague awarded them both a Medal of Merit in recognition of their achievements in the NICHE Project, POHE and the education development in Vietnam in general. Read more

PIE discussion on future NFP & NICHE

During PIE's general meeting in May 2016, the members discussed the future of NFP & NICHE. Both programmes have been adapted to the changing environment during the past years. In order to cope with future challenges the programmes need adaptation.The document shows the views on this process and necessary changes.  Read about the outcomes (in Dutch) of the brainstormsession.

Joost Teuben new board member PIE

During PIE's General Meeting on 17 May Joost Teuben (CINOP) has been installed as a board member of PIE. Joost replaces Marina de Bie, who left for a new challenge in South Sudan.


Farewell Erik Frederiks & Ton Hoogveldt

After many years of serving PIE as a Treasurer, Erik Frederiks and administrator Ton Hoogveldt from Wageningen University completed their tasks. PIE is very grateful for all the work both men did to keep PIE financially healthy.


Publication Managing Capacity Development Projects

As a result of the Networking event on Managing Capacity Development Projects on 26 January 2016, PIE and EP-Nuffic issued a joint publication on the outcomes of the event. Photos of this event are also available on this website.

Read the publication

Networking Event Managing CD Projects

PIE and EP-Nuffic are organising a networking event for Capacity Development Project Managers on 26 January 2016 at the New World Campus in The Hague.

Read more and register


Klaartje van Genugten Board Member PIE

Klaarje van Genugten of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is one of the two new Board Members of PIE since the appointment during the General Meeting of PIE on 1 December 2015. Klaartje: "International Cooperation helps us to understand other people's perspectives and ways of working, which is an enrichment to our own daily was of doing. And only by joining forces with the Global South we will be able to tackle the global challenges that we face today".


Freek van der Meer new Board Member PIE

During the General Meeting of PIE on 1 december 2015 Freek van der Meer was appointed PIE Board Member. Together with Klaartje van Genugten, he fills in the vacancies that Prisca Zwanikken and Ruud Heijnen created by leaving the Board. We are very greatful for the work they did for PIE. Read more about Freek van der Meer.


Inge Hutter new member PIE Advisory Board

Prof dr Inge Hutter, Rector of the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University has accepted memberschip of the Advisory Board of PIE. Inge replaces Leo de Haan, former Rector of ISS. The PIE Board is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.



Global Development Vision

The Global Development Vision of the Dutch Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences has been presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 10 November 2015. The Dutch institutes for Higher Education want to play a more prominent role in the field of Global Development. PIE contributed to the Global Develpment Vision and emphasizes the importance of knowledge exchange in dealing with Global Issues. Read more (in Dutch)   

Photo Rene v.d. Burg


CD event 5 November 2015 postponed to 26 January 2016

The PIE-EP Nuffic networking event "Managing Capacity Development Projects: Learning from Practical Cases" is postponed to 26 January 2016. More information and registration

DHENIM-PIE seminar Marketing in Africa

DHENIM and PIE are organising a seminar and roundtable discussion on Marketing in Africa on 16 April 2015. This event will take place in Utrecht with experts from the Netherlands (African Studies Centre, VU University, MDF) and abroad (Growth from Knowledge (GFK) Germany/UK) .

More info on the programme and registration.

PIE Position Paper

On 9 December 2014 the PIE position paper has been approved by the PIE members during the annual meeting. This position paper is the result of a consultation of all members and a fruitful session with consultant Rob Thijsse.

Read the PIE Position Paper here


Report on change in capacity development

The CDI-ICRA-KIT Alliance published a report on "The need for institutional change in capacity development of tertiary agricultural education". This year PIE will organise a workshop to discuss the results of this report.



Marina de Bie new Board Member PIE

During the general meeting at 9 December 2014, Marina de Bie was appointed Board Member PIE. She replaces her CINOP colleague Tom Visser. As a board member of PIE she hopes to contribute to strengthen the cooperation between various institutes and organisations and reveal the importance and power of capacity building. There is still much to share & learn globally according to Marina.



25 November Flipped Seminar Open & Online Education 4 Capacity Development

PIE organises a Flipped Seminar on Open & Online Education 4 Capacity Developement on 25 November 2014 from 13:00-18:00 hrs in Utrecht. This Seminar will be organised in cooperation with Nuffic and TU Delft. Especially for the participants of this seminar a mini-MOOC "Getting started with Open Education" will be offered. Read more for more information on the programme and registration.

Videos of the presentation can be found here.


PIE comments on Vision Letter Bussemaker

Han Aarts, Co-Chair of PIE, was asked by Transfer to give his comments on the Vision letter of Minister Bussemaker: "De Wereld in: Visiebrief internationale dimensie van HO en MBO"

Read the article


Ruud Heijnen Board Member PIE

During the General Meeting of PIE, Ruud Heijnen was appointed Board Member for the next 3 years. From 1989 until today, he has been working at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences as a senior lecturer. Ruud states: “I hope to contribute to the world-wide quality of education by exposing the knowledge and experiences of Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences to the world. I see an enormous amount of useable, precious knowledge available in bachelor programs which is not yet easy accessible and employable”.


Global development challenges in "Joint International Vision" VSNU & VH

PIE contributed to the Joint International Vision of VSNU and VH with a paragraph on global development challenges. The Minister of Education embraced this document and decided on an International Scholarship Programme of 5 million euros yearly for internatlonal students coming to the Netherlands and to stimulate Dutch talented students to study abroad.

Read more (in Dutch)


New PIE member

The Hague University of Applied Sciences joined PIE this summer. Internationalisation is a prominent feature of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Students come from all corners of the globe to enrol in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at one of the four campuses, many of them inspired by The Hague’s international reputation as a ‘City of Peace and Justice’. Welcome to our Platform!


10th anniversary PIE

This year PIE celebrates its 10th anniversary. During the General Meeting on 13 May cakes were served and all members present received an anniversary gift.




PIE blog: development cooperation 2.0

The current debate about the future of development cooperation ‘after 2015’ is intense. Of course it is about new development goals as a successor to the Millenium Development Goals. But actually it is about the future of international cooperation for development. And it ranges from putting an end to development cooperation altogether to often radical other approaches to development and international cooperation. One thing is sure: development cooperation will never be the same. Read more in our blog


Encounter Yvonne Stassen and Mieke Vogels with PIE

During their visit to IHE Delft in Delft  on 29 January, Yvonne Stassen, Deputy Director Social Develoment Department and Mieke Vogels, senior Policy Advisor Higher Education at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were updated about PIE activities by Erwin Ploeger and Marleen van der Kooij.


PIE seminar on Cooperation with non-EU countries in Erasmus+ and Horizon2020

On 3 April 2014 an interactive seminar will be organised on the EU programmes Erasmus+ and Horizon2020, with a special focus on cooperation with non-EU countries. This event (in English) will take place in Utrecht during the afternoon. Read more.


Change of Chairs

During the general meeting for PIE members on 26 November 2013 the current Chair Johan van Dijk handed over the gavel to the Co-Chairs Erwin Ploeger & Han Aarts.



Wieke Blaauw new Board Member

Wieke Blaauw was elected as PIE Board Member during the general meeting in November. She replaces Geartsje Oosterhof (Van Hall/Larenstein). Read more



Renewed PIE Statutes have been signed

Erwin Ploeger, Co-Chair of PIE signed the renewed PIE Statutes with Mrs Loof at Westvest Netwerk Notarissen in Delft on 18 December 2013.

Read the new statutes here.


Successful event "Doing Business in the South"

PIE organised an information and match making event called ‘Zaken doen in het Zuiden’ for companies and knowledge centres who would like to do business in emerging markets in Africa, Latin America and Asia. This event was hosted by VNO-NCW in Den Haag at 25 September 2013. Because of the many interesting matches, this event can be considered as successful and needs a follow up. The photos at this website give a nice impression.

VNO-NCW host PIE Event "Zaken doen in het Zuiden"

The event "Zaken doen in het Zuiden" will take place on 25 September in The Hague at the premises of VNO-NCW. VNO-NCW and PIE expect to welcome 100 professionals from Dutch business and knowledge institutes working in the Global South. The aim is to accommodate business opportunities for cooperation in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Read more

Andre van Heemstra, Chair Global Compact NL, will open PIE event on 25 September 2013

The Event "Zaken doen in het Zuiden" (Doing business in the South) is organised for knowledge institutes and business from the Netherlands working in the Global South.
Andre van Heemstra (Global Compact NL/Unilever) and Jorgen Raymann have confirmed cooperation.

Prisca Zwanikken, Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam, new board member of PIE

For the coming 3 years Prisca Zwanikken, Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam, will be active in the Board of PIE.

Article and seminar on Public Private Partnerships

PIE is preparing a seminar on public private partnership (PPP) which will take place towards the end op 2012. Since PPP is a hot topic, an article has been written to start up the discussion. Everybody is invited to join the discussion and come up with good practises and challenges in this field.

Nuffic/PIE publication

A Toolkit for Sustainable Impact15 principles to enhance sustainability in higher education capacity development projects. Lessons from the NICHE and NPT programme. The principles are drawn up by project implementers active in Nuffic funded capacity building in higher education programmes of NFP and NICHE funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This publication is a co-production of the PIE and Nuffic. Hard copies can be ordered from the PIE secretariat.

Debate with Peter van Lieshout on WRR report

1 April 2010, Debate with Peter van Lieshout on WRR report "Minder pretentie, meer ambitie" and the role of Higher Education. Debaters are Doekle Terpstra (HBO-raad), Adam Szirmai (UNU-MERIT), Isa Baud (University of Amsterdam), Bram van Ojik (Ministry of Foreign Affairs/DSO) and Henk Molenaar (NWO/Wotro). Location: conference centre Hoog Brabant, Utrecht.