Platform for International Education

About PIE

On 1 July 2002 the Platform for International Education was launched by a number of Institutes for Higher Education in the Netherlands.
The Platform for International Education (PIE) is a platform of Dutch organisations that are active in worldwide international cooperation in higher education and research, with the aim to contribute to global sustainable development.

Strategic aim

PIE is a platform for Dutch institutes that cooperate with partner institutes in the Global South. The overall aim is to contribute to global and local sustainable development, both in countries and regions where partner institutes are based and in the Netherlands. In doing so PIE aligns with the SDGs targeted by the UN – particularly SDG 4 ‘Quality Education’ and SDG 17 ‘Partnerships for the goals’.

The main focus is on cooperation in post-secondary education, in scientific and applied research and knowledge development, and in innovation through knowledge application. Cooperation aims to contribute to the knowledge capacity of partner institutes in the Global South by targeting human resources development and institutional strengthening.

The platform strives for a substantive contribution from the Netherlands to global sustainable development through international knowledge cooperation. At the same time this will enhance knowledge development on and learning about global challenges in the Netherlands, which PIE members perceive as of crucial importance for an open knowledge economy like the Netherlands.


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