Platform for International Education

Han Aarts

Han Aarts obtained a Master degree in Human Geography (1984) from the Free University in Amsterdam, with specializations in Development Studies and Urban Planning in developing countries.

He worked for Nuffic (1984-87) and directed for almost ten years the international office of Maastricht University (1987-96), before becoming director of the Maastricht University centre for international cooperation in academic development (MUNDO) (since 1997).
Both in national and European platforms (like PIE, EAIE, ACA) Han Aarts advocates cooperation in higher education and research that is mutually beneficial. To achieve such mutuality, an ongoing dialogue between institutions and counterparts anywhere in the world on the many issues relating to knowledge for global development is crucial. He also frequently publishes on this theme.
In the framework of the European Association for International Education (EAIE), the largest organization of its kind in Europe, Han Aarts initiated the Professional Section on Educational Cooperation with Developing Countries (EDC). He was also member of the Board of the EAIE and hosted the 1999 EAIE Conference in Maastricht. For his many activities for EAIE throughout the years Han received the Constance Meldrum Award for Vision and Leadership in international education at EAIE’s 2007 Conference in Trondheim, Norway.
Han is also board member of the Task Force Health Care, a Dutch network of private companies, knowledge institutions and other players in the health field that aim to share Dutch knowledge and experiences in health care globally.